Feet take the brunt of our body’s weight, which is why they deserve the best treatment, and Color Box professionals are here to provide one to you! Apart from calming reflexology treatments, we have all the necessary tools to create a pedicure paradise. Our dedicated pedicurists are also proficient in specialized foot treatments for people who suffer from diabetes and chronic diseases – since aggressive calluses removal tends to expose raw foot tissue to bacteria and fungus. We also boast waterless services which are completely hygienic as they eliminate the threat of waterborne bacteria and cross-contamination (through the use of mani-pedis). After a pedicure and a foot treatment at Color Box, you will leave our salon walking on clouds!

Moroccanoil Luxury Pedicure $85.00
Chrome Pedicure $85.00
Dazzle Dry Luxury Pedicure $65.00
Luxury Express Pedicure $45.00
Luxury Pedicure $65.00
Yumi Feet Pedicure $115.00
Dazzle Dry Luxury French Pedicure $72.00
Polish Change $25.00
Luxury Gel Polish Pedicure $75.00
Luxury French Gel Polish Pedicure $82.00
Anti-Age Paraffin Stem Cell Treatment $20.00
Reflexology $40.00
Luxury Keratin Pedicure $75.00
Luxury French pedicure $73.00
Childrens Pedicure $30.00
Medical Anti-Fungal Toe Replacement $12.00
Add-on Swarovski Crystal Charms $10.00
Add-on Nail Art Starting at $5.00
Add-on Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones $1.00
On-Location Luxury Gel Pedicure $173.00
On-Location Luxury Pedicure $165.00
Waterless Pedicure $65.00
Waterless Gel Polish Pedicure $75.00
5 Waterless Pedi’s 10% OFF
10 Waterless Pedi’s 15% OFF




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Birmingham, MI 48009