If you were looking for good nail salon near you, this is your place! Well kept hands have always been the hallmark of nobility and we at Color Box will do everything in our power to make you feel like royalty. We offer a whole range of techniques that will make your cuticles and fingernails pop, including French manicure, Shellac manicure, gel manicure, etc. After a treatment in our salon, your hands will positively dazzle.

Gel-X Full Set from $80.00
Gel-X Full Set W/ Full Design Art $90.00
Gel-X Full Set with removal $95.00
Gel-X Removal $15.00
Add Keratin $10.00
Gel Polish Manicure with Removal (Gel from CB) $45.00
Gel Polish Removal $10.00
Anti-Age Stem Cell Paraffin Treatment from $15.00
Luminary French Manicure $55.00
Russian Modified Luxury Manicure $45.00
Cat-Eye Gel Manicure $55.00
Children’s Manicure (8 & up) $20.00
Chrome Add-On Hands $20.00
Chrome Manicure $65.00
Dazzle Dry French Manicure $42.00
Dazzle Dry Luxury Manicure $35.00
Dip Manicure $55.00
Dip Removal $15.00
French Manicure $42.00
Gel Polish French Manicure $55.00
Gel Polish Manicure (1-2 Colors) $45.00
Gel Polish Manicure (3+ Colors) $50.00
Gel Polish Manicure W/ Full Design $65.00
Gel Polish Removal $10.00
IBX Nail Treatment $10.00
IBX Treatment $10.00
Keratin Manicure $45.00
Luminary Manicure from $55.00
Nail Art Hands from $5.00
Natural Nail Repair $5.00
Renewal Manicure $45.00
Russian Manicure $85.00
Signature Manicure $35.00
Stem Cell Paraffin Treatment Hands $15.00
Structure Gel $7.00
Swarovski Crystal Charms (Large) Hands $10.00
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones (small) Hands $1.00
Tatz Nails, Digital Nail Art Print $5.00
On-Location Luxury Manicure $75.00
Acrylic Fill $55.00
Acrylic Fill W/ Chrome $75.00
Acrylic Full Set $75.00
Acrylic Full Set W/ Chrome $95.00
Acrylic Nail Repair $7.00
Acrylic New Client Fill from $55.00
Acrylic Overlay $70.00
Acrylic Pink n White Fill $60.00
Acrylic Pink n White Full Set $90.00
Acrylic Pink N White Overlay Full Set $75.00
Acrylic Removal $20.00
Gel Polish Add-on Acrylic $10.00




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Birmingham, MI 48009