Can I book an appointment online?
Yes! Just CLICK HERE and you will be directed to our online reservation page that will take you through step-by-step in booking your appointment.

What kind of manicures do you offer?
We offer both polish and gel manicures in a single color or design.

I’m a bit confused by your menu/pricing policy. Can you explain?
In an effort to provide you with the highest level of service, we’ve streamlined our nail design options into a seasonal menu. Our design manicures include one full look in the color of your choice, plus (should you want it) two accent nails in an additional design of your choice. For three looks, there is an additional $30 upgrade fee for gel and $20 for polish.

Our single color manicures are just that. Should you want an accent nail in a second solid color polish we will happily accommodate free of charge. If you would like to add an accent nail with a design, we can easily upgrade your service for an additional $10 for gel and $5 for polish. This includes two nails in the design of your choice.

While we will try our best to accommodate our clients’ wishes during appointment time, specifically selecting accent nail or design manicures during the booking process ensures there will be enough time for you to get the look you want.

If you have any further questions about pricing or options, please reach out to us at

How long does a service take?
Service times vary depending on type of service you schedule. General times may be 15 minutes to an hour and thirty minutes. Times needed for each service will be indicated during the booking process.

What if I already have gel on my nails?
For clients with existing gel manicures, please select “Gel Manicure with Gel Removal” (for single color) or “Gel Manicure Design with Gel Removal.” Indicating removal at the time of booking ensures we have enough time to properly take off your gel, so your nails stay healthy and strong.

Do you service or remove acrylic or hard gels?
Currently, we do not service or remove acrylic or sculpting gels.

What is a polish change?
A polish change is our express option for when you’re in a hurry. It is quite simply as its name implies: a change of polish. This service is not available for clients with gel manicures.

How do I book a group or party of four or more people?
Please call 248-707.3500 or email us at to book a group or party.

What if I’m late?
Please arrive on time or five minutes early to get comfortable and pick a polish color. Should you arrive late, we cannot guarantee your appointment.

Cancellation Notice
Please be informed that if you do not give us a 24-hour notice of cancellation before missing a scheduled appointment, or just miss an appointment, you will be charged. The fees are: $50.00 for every hour booked. No exceptions. I know your time is a valuable to you as ours is. Please be considerate and fair to all concerned. If you should miss a scheduled appointment the charge will be noted on your record and must be paid in full before further services will be rendered by this facility. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.