Color Box Luxury Nail & Beauty Bar

We are a luxury beauty bar committed to delivering ultimate upscale beauty services with great attention to detail.
We are dedicated to providing the cleanest and healthiest services in the most sterile environment possible.

Who we are

My name is Kendra Geralt and I am a business owner and an entrepreneur. I inherited an interest in beauty service from my mother, a skilled manicure expert in her own right. After acquiring my license at the age of 19, I honed my craft in a variety of salons before I decided to focus on raising a family.

Over the next ten years I stayed in touch with the world of manicure and cosmetics as a client. I visited practically every nail salon in Miami, Florida and my impressions were generally unfavorable – these establishments had a soulless atmosphere befit of factories, so attending the appointment was a chore more than anything else.

Since I was dissatisfied with the services provided, I decided to create my own salon and arrange it as a rejuvenating oasis I’d personally visit as a paying customer. This led me to open Color Box Luxury Nail & Beauty Bar in Birmingham, MI!

What we do

We offer upscale, unique and healthy service with hospital grade sanitation standards that go far and beyond state regulations (better safe than sorry). Color Box is a high design studio that focuses on several core beauty services.

We also believe in information transparency. For this reason, we happily explain everything to clients who want to be educated about the finer points of our craft. The staff is certified to provide treatments for customers that suffer from autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, and we also have a cancer center certification for oncological patients. In other words, we use advanced medical methods to treat customers that require brow, eyelash, hands, massage, feet, permanent makeup, wax, spray tan, Bemer and microneedling services!

What you get

Our methods are innovative but our business philosophy is old-fashioned: customer comes first! Everything is arranged to induce the ultimate comfort and we cultivate the relaxed atmosphere as we build friendship and trust with our clientele. Whether you are a newcomer or regular, once you step through the door of our salon, it is all about YOU.

We want you to feel as if Color Box is your own getaway spot – a place you can escape to with your girlfriends and revel in exclusive service surrounded by the upbeat atmosphere, fun and laughter. It’s a place where you can feel like a glamorous pop star while you enjoy a glass of champagne cappuccino among your besties and indulge in a luxurious treatment, simply because you deserve it!

The superb medical standards of Color Box will give you a piece of mind even if you visit during a health crisis. We are the first to offer a waterless pedicure in a zero gravity lounge bed! All our services are hygienic and eco-friendly and we use medical grade products. By combining perfect environmental integrity with a consistent top-notch service fashioned to pamper our customers, we have fashioned the ultimate beauty salon experience.




2159 Cole Street
Birmingham, MI 48009